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Alternative Protection to Cold and Flu season… what do we do, Part ONE

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I don’t have a whole lot of time to write this morning so I am going to be very brief:

Here’s one main thing we do to prepare for Cold and Flu Season:
Medical grade, THIEVES essential oil blend.

We use it as an anti-bacterial rub, we use it as a preventative (when we feel we are fighting something, or if (something is coming on), or if we have been exposed to sick people, or if we know we are going somewhere where germs abound (such as a nursery or an airport or a classroom)- We diffuse it at home (for the children), we brush our teeth with it (for ultimate viral protection) AMAZING STUFF.

I first learned about it when my daughter’s teacher started diffusing it in their Pre-K classroom last year because so  many kids were getting sick during Cold and Flu season. Once she started diffusing- NO ONE WENT HOME SICK!!!

Then when my daughter was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease and was left Immuno-Compromised- I began inquiring about safe, healthy, effective ways we could protect her from catching (everything)! (By  the WAY, she’s miraculously and rapidly already WELL, much to the amazement of her doctors)!

Also my son Rio’s eye (with the prosthetic) gets really goopy this time of year bc of Cold and Flu season and bc of allergies- Used to, we would only go to opthalm. and get prescribed anti-biotic drops- which sometimes worked, sometimes didn’t: I was looking for a more natural and effective alternative and I have to say, it works better than the anti-biotic eye drops- Here’s what I do:
When I see his eye getting goopy, I roll a little of this essential oil blend on the bottom of his feet, and within a day or two the goopies are GONE! Totally effective and it also helps combat any other things his little body may be fighting off.

We have been doing this (along with improved diet and some supplements) since January 2011 or so, and I can honestly say that my kids and I HAVE NOT BEEN SICK SINCE!!!

There’s really no harm in giving Thieves a try- It is 100% pure, natural, and will actually build you and your family up in a POWERFUL way! This stuff is naturally anti-viral (Which anti-biotics are NOT), anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti- (everything!)

The ultimate for me was when I was coming down with a cold sore about a month ago, and I remembered my ThIEVES, and I put some directly on the “tingle” on my lip- and again for the next few days- THE COLD SORE NEVER MANIFESTED- It went away quietly without ever growing into that painful itchy ugly mass that it normally does.

I mean, if it protected people from catching the plague that took out half the planet, it is worth a shot, right?

If you want to give Thieves a try, LET ME KNOW by contacting me at the link on the above menu. I can help get you set up!


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