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Day 1: Why 40?

Believe for the Unbelievable.

Parenting children with chronic illness can seem like a hamster-wheel cycle of : tedious daily regimens, small breakthroughs, exposure to a “trigger”, fear, more fear, panic, hopelessness/disappointment, then back to tedious daily regimens because this is all the control we feel we have.

We run hobble along on this treadmill-to-nowhere for endless weeks upon end, gasping for a breath, with no hope of ever getting off. They tell us the best case scenario is that we learn to manage this illness, to give our child the best possible chance they can have.  We’re not really experiencing much breakthrough. The weeks are long, the signs of the disease are so broad that we panic at every smudge of red marker that is mistaken on our child’s cheek,  and we think to ourselves… God, do you hate me? Why us? Why can’t our life just be NORMAL? Something’s got to give!


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There I was on that squeaky, rusty treadmill, zombie-like (picture a scene from the Walking Dead, because this is really how I felt), and one day, just like that, I had a reprieve through my tears. I was “snapped out of” my fear somehow (probably because of all the amazing people that were praying for us), and I was able to begin wrapping my faith around this circumstance.

I felt I heard a voice speak to my heart – “I know what the doctors say, but what do I say?”

“Well, I don’t know.”

Truth is, I was so (mad is not the word) achingly disappointed in God, that I hadn’t really stopped to listen to what He was trying to say to me. I had already hunkered down for the storm, preparing to ride it out, but being swept away in its raging waters- totally forgetting that, when we are God’s Kids, he enables us to PASS THROUGH IT.  I was being scalded by the fire I was being asked to endure, rather than WALKING THROUGH IT, untouched. – (Isaiah 43:2) This is not how it is supposed to go! Maybe for an unbeliever. But, for US, HIS KIDS whom He has lavished with royalty, and who supposedly live differently? NO!

I realized this was the moment of truth. The day that all those other days had prepared me for. All those days in Sunday School learning the verses that say “God never breaks his promises”; and that “we are over-comers”.  Those days led up to this day. The day I needed it!

I decided to pick up the weapons I had in my hands the whole time, and not sit back and watch this enemy claim the life of my child, my marriage, my family, my joy, or my sanity. I was not going to give it one more day!

I knew I had these weapons, but I just never knew what I had them FOR. You may be like, “Weapons? What weapons? I am a lover, not a fighter! I don’t have any weapons, at all.” OR,  You may be thinking to yourself, “This woman is crazy, all I wanted was prayer.” and that’s ok too-

God wants to speak to you about your situation. He has something to say. He is not a jerk who picks you up for a date, drives you to the middle of nowhere, then kicks you out of the car and says, “good luck with that…”

What does he want to say to you?

I don’t know.

What he says to you will be PERSONAL. It will be different than what he says to me. I am just here to help guide you. To seek an answer, to seek Breakthrough.


I will spend the next 40 days, as we pray and stand together, walking with you through the waters and fire.

Your first weapon you are picking up is the one of PRAYER.

I get so sad when people lessen prayer to a “last resort”. As a, “well, I can’t help so I’ll just pray…”  “Just PRAY”???  It blows my mind because I know that of all the weapons we have at our disposal, this is the mega-weapon, the A-Bomb!  The one that, if used, could render our other attempts at trying to change our situation, unnecessary. It opens doors, it moves mountains, it increases our faith, it moves the Hand Of God for our situation, and most of all, IT CHANGES THINGS.

A quote that I absolutely love is this:

What do you believe? What has been put to the test  now that it is a matter of life and death?

Our kids are in need of a Break from these blasted illnesses, FAST! Our families are in need of a Break from the drama, FAST! Our Emotions are in need of a Break from the pain we feel on a constant basis, FAST! Ready to do something about it?

Great! join me in these next 40 days, petitioning God for a breakthrough- FAST!

Just read this out loud, or write it down in your journal to Him, and it becomes YOUR PRAYER.


I need your help so much. I need a break! My family is tired, we are hurting, and we are desperate to see you move.

I plead the blood of your son Jesus over my family and the other families that are going through this Fast Break 40 with me, especially during this special time we have set apart to seek you and petition you to see your promises come to pass. May Jesus’ blood be as a barrier to the enemy that he cannot penetrate. Not in our minds, hearts, emotions, finances, children, homes, and anything else that you have given us.

I pray for surprises. Lord, I know you LOVE and DELIGHT in lavishing your love upon your kids, and Dad, I need it. I need the kind of surprise only you can give.

We welcome you Spirit of Truth, and Comforter to come and speak to our hearts and love on us today. I am listening. Help me have eyes to see, and ears to hear.

We thank you for your son Jesus, (our brother and friend) because we know it is by His work here on earth that we may even ask these things.

If you agree with this prayer, say


If this is the FIRST TIME you have ever prayed a prayer like this, please LET ME KNOW.

Grab your journal or notebook, label it “Day 1”

1. Make a List using this sentence, filling in these blanks:

My ____________________ is in need of a Break from _________________________.

This will become and evolve into your specific prayer expectations/hopes during these 40 days.

So, for example, here are a few of mine: (be creative, and change it up if you need to)

  1. My Vivia is in need of a Break from Mood Swings, and Anger
  2. My Vivia is in need of a Break from feeling left out
  3. My SELF is in need of a Break from feelings of guilt and fear
  4. My marriage is in need of a Break from JDM being the center of everything
  5. My son Rio is in need of a Break from Vivia always needing so much and getting the leftovers
  6. My Baby Noemi is in need of a Break from the flu
  7. My Finances are in need of a BREAK from Hospital and Medicine expenses

If you are doing this for a friend, you could say something like this

My friend Vivia is in need of a break from these symptoms of JDM: Papule formation on knuckles, and Rash on Elbows.

You get the point.

2. Jot down what you loved about this post.

What stood out? What was a good reminder? What did you hear for the first time?

If you’d like, share through a comment below- and get a discussion going, someone may need to hear YOUR revelation.

3. Word of The Day

(Isaiah 43: 1b-2) NLT 

“… Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you.

I have called you by name; you are mine

When you go through deep waters,

I will be with you.

When you go through rivers of difficulty,

you will not drown.

When you walk through the fire of oppression,

you will not be burned up;

the flames will not consume you.

Speak this over yourself today. Let it increase your belief.

You could even write it on your hand to remind yourself, go ahead, I do it all the time. (So does God).

If you find yourself worrying about ANYthing today, replace that thought or worry with this scripture.

Trade that worry for what God says. “I will not drown” “He is with me/her/him” “This will not consume me/her/him”

If you feel like you know this scripture, but you are just NOT THERE because you have yet to FEEL it… then BE HONEST with him about it- tell him!


BE real with what you need.

He already knows anyway, and he can handle it!

Love love and more love.


See you on Day 2!

July 19, 2013 - 7:47 am

aimee - Great reminder of the weapon’s we actually have.. feeling powerless/helpless is exactly what having a seriously ill child is like.. its like drowning! So easy to be consumed by the facts that we forget God is above them and we are not powerless ! When life is touched by jdm it is a defining moment… choosing (sometimes moment by moment )to let faith not illness define that existance is the challenge .. love this Freedom !Beautifully written xx

July 19, 2013 - 11:39 am

Bella - When you talked about God not being a jerk who picks you up for a date and drives to the middle of nowhere and kicks you out by yourself, I realized that was exactly how I had felt in my darkest trials. I now understand that it is a reaction to the conditioning of years of unmanly behavior surrounding my life. Very good break through. thanks for sharing the challenge! I believe god has plans for the good of our loved ones blessed with special “messages.”

July 19, 2013 - 1:36 pm

freedom - @Aimee, have you ever watched the comedian, Jim Gaffigan? He is SO FUNNY- and he did a skit about how life with children is a lot like drowning. I was crying laughing so hard!!!
In his latest, called Mr. Universe.

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