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Salmon Latino vs WILD

I still can’t believe this happened.
I was sitting here moping because my Dear Husband (DH) has left once again, this time to a country (where riots recently broke out, mind you), that I didn’t want him to go. Had a crummy day. Day was starting to get better, was on the phone with my mother, when DH beeps in. (So glad I clicked over in time, and decided to take the call then, not return the call later…) – Hey BTW – I just realised that I am typing without looking at the keyboard, when’d THAT happen?- ANYHOO,

(thoughts in parenthesis)
Me: Hello, d’ja make it to Miami already?
Him: Yep, here in Miami
Me: Cool (not cool, b/c I’m here)
Him: There’s someone here I ran in to, that you know, that wants to say “hey”.
Me: (thoughts flash, stomach flip-flops b/c I am wondering WTH could this be all about? Who did he run into in Miami, is it an EX of mine, oh dear God, don’t let it be an EX…) “Cool.”
Him: Hang on a sec… Here he is.
Me: (Oh CRAP, it’s a “HE.”)

“He”: Hello?
(OMG, gorgeous British accent… Where do I know this voice from ???)

Me: heh-lo? (proceed with caution…)
“He”: It’s Bear Grylls here, I’m just here at the airport with your husband.

(Come on brain… catch up… catch up… did he just say, “this is BEar GRylls???” YES that’s where I know the voice from! Is this a trick?)

(Pause: Did I just scream in Bear GRylls’s ear? Yep, I did, and he’s not laughing… nor is he saying anything else. SAY something else,  I can’t think of anything to say other than:)
Me: Oh My Gosh, sorry for screaming in your ear… What a great surprise, How do you know my husband? (Did I just ask Bear Grylls how he knows my husband, of course he doesn’t know my husband… DUH DUH DUH)

Bear: We just ran into each other here, and he asked me if I would give you a call, and say hello.
Me: Oh My GOSH, Thank YOU! I’m a HUGE fan. THis is so cool. (AWKWARD SILENCE.  He’s so poised, such a proper British Bloke, he won’t interrupt, or I’ve acted such a fool he is standing there, speechless.)
Bear: Well… it was nice talking to you.
Me: Wow, thank you so much for this awesome surprise… (wah wah- wa wah wah wha wha… I have no idea what I am saying at this point, still trying to think of something to say that is not utterly RETARDED)
Bear: All the best to you, then
Me: ( I heard somewhere he’s a Christian, so I’ll bless him with a… ) God Bless You
Bear: And you as well

And just like that, it was over. That frozen moment in time with Bear.  Gone.  I didn’t get to ask him what it feels like to jump into a frozen river wearing only your skivvys, or what does it really smell like, climbing inside a rotting camel carcass.  I didn’t get to tell him that he inspires me to eat raw cockroaches, and to wade through shark infested waters just to see what’s on the other island!!!! I’ll leave that for the next conversation, I guess.

Gabe gets back on the phone and I am asking him all these questions, and apparently, he’s still trying to get a photo out of Bear. (Which he didn’t), because Bear was off, like a disappearing chameleon before a crowd gathered, I suppose. Braving the WILDS of the Miami Airport, with real live people! *swoon

THis is Gabe’s TWEET about it: “SalmonLatino: Just ran into Bear Grylls @ MIA. He can find his way in the Sahara, but was pretty lost in this airport. He was really cool, though!”

Chivalry is not dead. My MAN Gabe braved the WILDs of foot traffic, possible humiliation, and utter rejection to face Bear Grylls, all for me.

Major points, babe. Major points.
That was even cooler than meeting him in person, bc I don’t think I wouldv’e had the guts to walk up to him at all.

Yah, that JUST happened…

Now back to your regularly scheduled life…

February 11, 2011 - 6:31 pm

Luci W. - Hahahaha i really loved reading the Bear Grylls story. Especially that your husband took that chance and was able to surprise you. Years ago, I met Tim Curry when I worked at a bar and I couldn’t remember a single movie he’d been in, (or his name) but I knew that I loved every single character he played because he’s great in every role. I greeted Tim with an ethusiastic, “It’s YOU!!!” and “it’s so wonderful to see you!” He was a great customer… gracious, funny, ordered big and tipped very well, etc.

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